Let your church be

found this year!

How is your Church looking Online?

The “... Near Me” search


  • If your church showed in the search results, CONGRATULATIONS! Believe it or not, you belong to a very
    select group!
  • If it didn’t show, no worries, we are here to help!


Your Digital Presence could mean the difference between a potential visitor finding you or never knowing you are there.


In 2019, it was estimated that 85% of new visitors used Google to research their new church family before visiting in person. In 2022 that number climbed to 93% of new visitors using Google to find out more about a potential new church!


Our free analysis will show you how you look online today and what areas need improvement to reach that potential visitor that is searching for the good news of the gospel.


Ready to Let your church be found this year?

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We have a simple challenge for you: this weekend, on your way to church (about a mile away), search on your phone for “Church Near Me”

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