How’s your church reputation?

Jesus said “Go and tell others…” he basically invented the review system! If your church or ministry doesn’t have reviews how will people know about you?

What is Church Control Center?

A one-stop application that allows you to control every aspect of your church/ministry digital presence. No more multi-sites & lost passwords. Your account can have one or multiple users to delegate the work if needed.

What is M77?

M77 is the product of a dream that has been in the works for many years! It is an answer to a calling, to a great commission asked of each one of us. That great commission is expressed in many ways, but it asks of all of us to go into all the world… share the good news… to everyone…

Can performance be tracked across profiles?

Yes! from one dashboard, monitor changes in Facebook and Twitter reach and see the growth in fans and followers from social campaigns.

How to know which are mobile responsive Apps?

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