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Introducing Church Control Center

A one stop application that allows you to control every aspect of your church/ministry digital presence. No more multi-sites & lost passwords. Your account can have one or multiple users to delegate the work if needed. Some of our most popular tools are:

Social Media Manager

Schedule posts, explore content ideas, listen and engage with your audience and much more!

Church Reputation Manager

At a glance view all your church reviews, map listings, online mentions and respond as the owner to manage, improve or show gratitude to reviews.

Website Builder

Choose from multiple pre-designed templates curated for churches & ministries, start one from scratch or import your existing site. All built on a WordPress platform with DIVI visual builder.

Users of all experience levels welcome!

Our CCC (Church Control Center) is filled with solutions designed to support users with all experience levels. Our tools allow you to use our platform in different ways:


For users with experience in online platforms, social media management tools and visual web design builders (no need to code).

We do it with you

Users with some experience but still need our team to help? In the marketplace, you'll find solutions that fit your needs no matter the budget.

We do it for you

Want to focus on your ministry and let us take care of everything? Yup, we can do that too!

How’s your church reputation?

Jesus said “Go and tell others...” he basically invented the review system! If your church or ministry doesn’t have reviews how will people know about you?

Explore our 6 main tools

All the tools below are included on our Church Toolkit packages. Once you start a free trail and create an account you’ll get access to the CCC - Church Control Center. Once there you'll be able to explore our 6 main tools - PLUS you'll have access to our store that is continuously updated with new services, freebies, tools, products, offers and resources all geared towards supporting your ministry. CLICK ON PLAY VIDEO BELOW.

Social Media Manager

Church Reputation Manager

Listing Builder

Customer Voice

Advertising Intelligence


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Church Toolkit

$59/ month

  • Social Media Manager
    • Facebook & Google Business
  • Unlimited Users
  • Church Reputation Manager
  • Customer Voice
  • Advertising Intelligence
  • Church Listing Manager
  • Website
  • Church Analysis Report

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Church Toolkit Pro

$139/ month

  • Social Media Manager
    • Facebook, IG, Twitter, Linked-in & Google Business
  • Unlimited Users
  • Church Reputation Manager Pro
  • Customer Voice Pro
  • Advertising Intelligence
  • Church Listing Manager Pro
  • Website Pro
  • Church Analysis Report
  • Wholesale access to our Printing Portal
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