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With Website your church will have the ability to create beautiful websites that perform exceptionally. Website hosts your church WordPress websites with the most trusted source on the internet—Google Cloud Platform. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure means your sites will always be secure and protected, Google-fast, and scale to fit any church.


Your church can easily get started with any one of our stunning website templates and customize it to fit their needs and specially designed for churches. Each template comes with WooCommerce pre-installed and DIVI visual builder, this requires you to have no coding experience.


Plus, to make DIY even easier, our templates utilize Elegant Themes Divi Builder, an advanced visual builder that makes designing websites a breeze—no coding necessary.


Website brings simplicity back to web hosting. From one-click site setups, effortless staging environments, custom templates, and built-in reporting, every workflow is designed to be seamless for churches. Both packages below include unlimited data and bandwidth usage. Read below to see which version works better for your church.


Website creation in minutes — With access to custom templates, you can increase productivity by installing plugins, themes, and pages automatically when creating new sites. Not to mention pre-installed templates equipped with WooCommerce and Divi Builder for easy website editing.


World-class security that gives you confidence — With this product you’ll never worry about sites going down, getting hacked, or managing servers again. Gain peace of mind knowing that your clients’ sites are hosted with the most trusted source on the internet—Google Cloud Platform.


Your low-maintenance hosting toolkit — Don’t let the technical aspects of web hosting slow you down. Let this product’s suite of developer tools do the heavy lifting so you can stay focused on your ministry.


Built-in security — Your website will perform automatic backups every day, allowing you to restore your site in one click. Plus, the included SSL certificate ensures your site provides the most secure connection to your visitors.


Engaging reporting — Your website comes with a detailed reporting dashboard that highlights key performance metrics such as your page speed, number of website visitors, and more.


One Click eCommerce — We’ve teamed up with WooCommerce to provide easy-to-use eCommerce. Enabling you to provide your congregation with the ability to securely give whether it is through tithing/offering, contributing to future missions, camps/retreats, etc.

Express Version

PRO Version


What does Website Pro include in the monthly cost?

Website pro is included on our Church Toolkit PRO – Everything you will need for a website is included in this cost—hosting, SSL certificates, * domain, unmetered storage, migration plugin, unmetered backups, unmetered traffic, easy domain setup, custom templates, and support.

Are WordPress plugins and themes restricted?

There are no restrictions on plugins or themes—any plugin or theme can be added into Website Pro. Website Pro has its own migration, security, and backup tools, so we discourage using other plugins for these features.

Will my church own my website?

Yes, your church will own your website. If you choose to move to another hosting service, they are responsible for doing so. It is possible to export Website Pro sites.

Does my church own the domain name?

If your church use an existing domain to build a Website Pro site, they will retain ownership of that domain. If you bought a domain through us,  as long as the yearly fee is paid the domain is still yours. Transfers are possible.

Does my church get an email address with their domain?

No, email addresses are not included with your church domain.

If one of your websites becomes compromised, will it impact other websites?

Each WordPress site has its own memory and disk space. If a user error affects one site, it won’t affect any other site.

Is there a maximum number of files that can be uploaded?

There are no set restrictions to the number of uploads at this time

Can we rebrand Website Pro and WordPress?

No, Website Pro and WordPress cannot be rebranded.

Can I add Google Analytics to Website Pro?

Google Analytics is automatically installed on every site that is created—in fact, these analytics are displayed in the Website Pro dashboard! It’s integrated with a plugin that won’t conflict with other Google Analytics accounts. So, if you want to add your own Google Analytics or import a site with existing Google Analytics, you can do so without any negative effects.

Where are Website Pro sites hosted?

Website Pro sites are hosted on Google Cloud Platform―Google’s cloud servers

How would we migrate existing WordPress sites?

With Website Pro, you can use any import plugin. We recommend All-in-One WP Migration plugin. This plugin exports your old WordPress website including the database, media files, plugins and themes. This plugin makes it easy to upload your old site into Website Pro. Additionally, you can import your old site manually using our Developer Tools.

What Developer Tools does Website Pro have?

phpMyAdmin – manage database without depending on WordPress. SFTP – manage your website file system directly.

How are users handled?

There are no WordPress login credentials required. Website Pro automatically creates an admin user that matches your Church Control Center user information. You can create multiple users for your CCC.

What happens if I go to `{`sitename`}`/wp-admin?

If you have toggled on the “Advanced Login” option from the Website dashboard you will be prompted to login to WordPress. If not, it will redirect you to the login page for Church Control Center.

What is the cost for bandwidth & storage?

There is no charge for storage or bandwidth. It is included in the monthly fee you already pay.

What kind of websites can I import?

Website Pro is for WordPress websites only.

Can I use my existing SSL certificate?

All Website Pro sites come with a SSL certificate. Transferring existing SSL certificates is not possible at this time.

Technical Specifications

  • Unlimited pageviews— we don’t penalize you for being successful – Unlimited visitors
  • Unmetered SSD storage ― ZFS file server running on Google infrastructure
  • Unmetered Database storage ― hosted on Google’s CloudSQL fully managed service with databases isolated for each site
  • Unmetered server bandwidth
  • Unlimited free migrations ― Import your existing sites with any migration plugin or let us import it for you.
  • Automatic daily backups ― restore anytime in one-click
  • HTTP/2 support
  • Free SSL with Let’s Encrypt
  • PHP 7 ― the most recent version of PHP and PHP packages
  • NGINX ― It’s designed to be faster and more scalable than, the traditionally used, Apache.
  • Docker Containers ― WSP hosts your websites in Docker Containers built with the most recent version of Alpine Linux and system tools ― together, this makes one awesome container that is hyper secure, simple, and efficient.
  • Kubernetes ― manages, deploys, and scales the Docker Containers.
  • Google Container Engine ― manages Kubernetes to keeps the servers secure and automatically scales, repairs, and upgrades the server.
  • Strong Firewall ― only open the exact ports we need, only allow HTTPS traffic to our sites, Google blocks bot-net IP addresses
  • Free subdomain ― a free URL to show your customers live progress of their site.
  • phpMyAdmin Access ― manage database without depending on WordPress
  • SFTP Access ― manage your website file system directly
  • Automatic core updates ― Website Pro handles all minor WordPress core updates for you.
  • Backup tools ― Website Pro highlights all changes since your last backup, making it easier than ever to identify what was updated, added, or removed.
  • Malware scanning ― Powered by Sucuri, the leader in website security, Website Pro monitors every site around the clock for malicious hackers and security breaches.

What are the benefits of Google Cloud Platform?

Learn more here

Where can I find more technical information and help for Website Pro?

Click on the ? button in the Website Pro dashboard, or go to Website Pro Help Blog

Is Website Pro HIPAA compliant?


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